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An interview with Fr. Michael Holleran on Double Belonging with Colin McEnroe for the Connecticut Public Radio on October 11, 2017.

An Interview with Fr. Michael K. Holleran by Sarah L. Kaufman , a Pulitzer Prize-award winning author, for her book entitled   “The Art of Grace”.  The book is published by W.W. Norton & Company (November, 2015).

It was a business activity we did, and we dedicated ourselves to it as we did any activity. There was a sense of doing it for God and for the Order,” says Father Michael Holleran, a parish priest in the Archdiocese of New York. “I went to the Father General sometimes reflecting on it. Should we really be producing luxury alcohol? Well, it’s noble. And it’s a beautiful thing. And it certainly has supported the Order.”

Holleran is, to his knowledge, the only Carthusian living in New York City. On a recent Sunday afternoon, having just finished saying a Spanish-language Mass in the Bronx, where he lives, he caught a No. 2 train to Houston Street. He took a seat between a man blasting hip-hop on his headphones and a woman who continually zipped and unzipped the compartments of her handbag. “I love the sound of the subway,” Holleran said. “Ever since I was a teen-ager I have, even before I went to the monastery.”